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Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet







The Domaine


The Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet was created in 1993 by Herve Souhaut. It was constituted progressively with the years by the plantation of new vines and the successive purchases of various and often old vines (from 50 to 100 years old).The current surface of the Domaine is 5 ha. An additional activity of purchase of grapes makes it to-day possible to reach a total annual production of approximately 25.000 bottles






The Grape Variety


The type of vines used are of local origin and representative of the Northern Rhone valley : Viognier and Roussanne for the white wines, Syrah and Gamay for the red wines .Geologically, the soil is consisted of a strong acidic granite (base hercynien, crystalline lens).



Sensitive from the very start of his activity by the need for maturing wines the most natural way possible in order to express the potential of the soil, Herve Souhaut moved towards the production of grapes resulting from a respect for the environment and for the agriculture. But convinced that one should not stop at this stage, he decided, under the impulse of wine grower followers of the natural wine making and helped by his training as a biologist, to produce wines without additives.